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i have been been painting professionally for over forty years. as a child i always excelled in art and dreamt of having a career as an artist....... i have been strongly influenced by the abstract expressionists. many of their paintings evoke a tremendous emotional response from me.

i hope to do the same in my paintings through color, exciting, provocative line work, texture and a strong my seascapes, i try to capture the ocean in a spontaneous, heartfelt, expressive’s a labor of love!

i feel extremely grateful that i am able to paint each and every day. my work is in hundreds of corporate and private collections.

patti in the press

Newport is home to an abundance of creators, influencers, and visionaries. It’s hard not to look at the Newport coastline and instantly feel a sense of splendor and appreciation; it is then no wonder that many artists draw their inspiration from the city’s picturesque landscape.

We got to pick the mind inspired mind of Patricia Ganek, Newport local, and contemporary abstract artist.

When did you first discover your passion or art?

“I fell in love with drawing and painting at age eight when I first started spending my summers at Camp Sunningdale for girls on Sebago lake in Maine. Our instruction was outstanding; we were taught to draw what we saw. I have vivid memories of repeatedly drawing the same beautiful, huge tree right in front of the art shack. Once I mastered that, I progressed to painting many oil paintings of Sebago lake and also of my beloved cat, Togi. I was encouraged greatly by the instructor, Harris, and the art awards I received at camp.”

praise for Patti

…..this artist has a genius for diffusing color…lines slip easily into formlessness, given expression through color.

Sylvia Smith

Newport This Week

She has a strong flair for barren, frigid scenes in which one can feel the thermometer dropping in her skillful hands.

Esther Forman Singer

Worrall Publications

That Davis-Ganek has won many Best-In-Shows, Purchase Awards and, most recently, the prestigious New Jersey Watercolor Society Colorist Company Award, is not difficult to understand. She is unafraid of color, yet uses it to temper the dramatic with a pantheistic impression that subsides in delicacy at the outer edges. Her vision is bold but feminine, and she creates harmony with narure within a single frame, from moist soil upward to shimmering sky.

Joseph Gale

Independent Press

Whether using notes of translucent tissue … or pen and watercolor … She wisely achieves a sense of rhythm and structure through arrangements of free hand blocks and rectangles … She wisely leaves something to the viewers imagination, sometimes silhouetting the trees in white for a stenciled effect.

Eileen Watkins

Star Ledger

Patti Davis-Ganek is one of the additions to the gallery’s roster who merits attention. Her work slips easily from realism to abstraction … There is an abiding softness and gentleness in these papers.

Malcom Preston


Elected Member of

New Jersey Watercolor Society
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club
National Society of Painters of Acrylics and Casein
Audubon Artists Society
American Artist Professional League

Gallery representation throughout the North East


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